Concealed Carry Purse - NFL Small

$ 62.50

Product Description

Our small NLF themed concealed handbags are perfect for any occasion.

  • Choose between the 49ers, Eagles, Giants, or other NFL teams, and represent your favorite with this bag.
  • The perfect size, this concealed handbag is both functional and stylish.
  • Made of durable Cordura material, the bags are sturdy and reliable.

Take our concealed handbags anywhere you go for added safety and a stylish accessory. Our concealed carry purses are hand-made with Cordura fabric for daily use. The bags are waterproof to hold up through any weather as well as protect your concealed carry. The bag features two exterior pockets and two interior pockets for organized storage. With a heavy-duty zipper closure, the contents will be safe and secure. There are two interior compartments, a center pistol compartment for mid-sized pistols, and velcro attached holster. Adding to the durability of the bag, there are cut resistant steel cables in the straps. The bags are balanced so they won’t fall over with a heavy pistol inside.

  • Purse measures: 13W x 8H x 3D