Q) How long will it take for delivery?

A) 10 to 14 business days is the normal.  There is no guarantee that these days will stay the same.  For more information regarding shipping and returns, please visit Shipping Policies.

Q) I do not see the NFL team I would like for my mitt/bag.  Can I get the team I want?

A) Yes!  Please visit this page to contact us prior to ordering.

Q) I would like to see the camo or military patterns you are using, where can I see them?

A) Current patterns available for:  CAMO or MILITARY - click on one or the other.

Q) Not seeing the strap color for the pattern I would like for my mitt or bag? Says Unavailable.

A) If you are not seeing a match between the strap color and the camo/military/NFL mitt or bag it means that the combination is not available for order.  

Q) Do you take any other payment options outside PayPal?

A) Not at this time.  But you can still use other payment options: Visa, Mastercard etc to make your payment just thru PayPal.  You do not need an account.