About Us

My name is Tim Minach, owner of Minach Mitts and Bags. In October of 2012, Minach Mirror Mitts was created. The idea began when I was scraping the ice off my side mirrors on my vehicle. This was a step I wanted to eliminate. I brainstormed many ideas to prevent this and created a protective mitt made from washable, durable fabric that fits securely around the mirror.  Included on the mirror mitt is a heavy duty velcro closure and then making them to the vehicle mirror size they fit securely around car side mirrors. Making Minach Mirror Mitts the perfect product to help your morning routine move a little quicker during the winter months.sewing machinesewing machine  sewing machine

After the success of the mirror mitts, I began making mitts to protect all sorts of things, such as, windshields, weapons, fishing rods, laptops, tablets, and cell phones. Along with this success, I added several more products; overnight bags, diaper bags, and wristlets. Most recently dog collars have been added as well.

All products are made in many different camo patterns and your favorite NFL teams. They are all hand made in Prince George County, Virginia, USA. As my company grows more products and patterns will be added!

Another name change to my successful business! We are now known as Minach Mitts and Bags.



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